Free Time Thoughts #2

  • Finally! A free time to update my blog! :) Simba is sleeping soundly after  his breastfeed session. 
  • My husband discovered that Simba sleeps soundly when he's on a swaddle. 
  • My eyebags are now a part of me. Haha. 
  • My maternity leave is about to end..... HUHUHUHUHU! I'll be back at work by May 2 and I'm currently reading articles on how to schedule pumping when at work.
  • MamaTreats' BROWNIES and COOKIES are the bomb! Especially the brownies! It's a dessert without the guilt cos it helps in my milk production.
  • Simba is sooooo pogi and funny at the same time. 
  • He is now 1 month and 4 days old. Hurrahhhhhhhhhh! Another milestone? From 7.2 lbs he is now at 8.8 lbs. And from 20.2 inches, his height is now at 21 inches.
  • Thank you Jesus for my breastmilk supply and I'm praying to keep it flowing!
  • Oh! They say that you'll lose weight once you have your baby... On my end, nothing changed. Once I have the GO signal of my OB-GYN, I'll hit the gym and get back to my pre-pregnancy size.
  • Netflix is my best companion while breastfeeding nowadays. I'm watching House and on Season 2 now. I find the storyline dragging..... 

That's it! I have to go cos Simba is now hungry....


Karen Samantha Robles

Makati City